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Many of our designs are meticulously floorplanned to obtain the highest performance and density possible. People who have seen our floorplans have called them works of art, so we have decided to share a few of them. For the most part, these are built up out of placed macros, so floorplanning didn't take more than a day or two to do.

Click on the floorplan thumbnails for the big picture

1.2 Giga-sample/sec IEEE single precision floating point FFT. 400 MHz in XCV4SX55-11

10 Channel 500 MS/sec beamforming digital receiver (tuner, down-converter and beamforming for each channel) 250 MHz XCV4SX55-10 on Pentek board

5 Channel 250 MS/sec Digital up-converter 250 MHz in XC2VP70-5

10 Channel Log AGC, DPLL and filter 250 MHz in XC2VP50-5

Sonar Matched Field Processor (beamforming and voxel interpolation) 160 MHz XC2V6000-4 on ISI Osiris board

4 channel Doppler Hurricane Radar Processor. 160 Mhz XCV2000E-6 on GV Associates GVA-290 board (2 identical devices). This design flew inside hurricanes Gustav, Isidore and Lili in 2002.

4096 point block floating point FFT. 100 MHz in QPRO XCV1000-4

Digital Spectrum Analyzer Front End. 86 MHz in XCV400E-6

Wide swath ocean altimeter. 120 MHz in QPRO XCV1000-4

Precipitation radar 133MHz in QPRO XCV1000-4